Tolong jawabannya menggunakan bahasa inggris:), mksh

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Tolong jawabannya menggunakan bahasa inggris:)


(-) Smarter (-)

Speaking in a foreign language will improve brain function.

The brain will be challenged to recognize, digest, and communicate the structure of other languages.

This ability can also increase problem solving skills. Students who can speak foreign languages tend to be smart and have good grades.

(-) Multi-tasking training (-)

This ability makes their brains accustomed to multi-tasking. They tend to be able to adapt to two different systems at the same time.

(-) Prevent diseases that attack the brain (-)

Learning a foreign language improves brain performance. The brain will be maintained health and ability.

As a result, multilingual people are less likely to develop Alzheimers disease and dementia.

(-) Improved memory (-)

Just like muscles, the brain also needs exercise. The best exercise for the brain is learning new things.

By learning a foreign language, the memory of the brain will increase. Several studies have shown that people who speak two languages are better able to remember shopping lists and directions.

(-) Easy to get a job (-)

In the current era of globalization, foreign companies are mushrooming in Indonesia.

In order to compete, workers are required to be able to communicate with foreign workers and investors.

By including foreign language skills in your CV, you have a greater chance of getting a job.

In addition, the opportunity to get a scholarship is also wide open if you are proficient in foreign languages

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